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lie’▓s tale called forth sympathies i▓mpossible to be withstood. “Edward,▓” said one of his numerous sister●s one evening, about three weeks a●fterwards, as th


ey were sitting▓ at tea—a meal which, bringing them all toget●her, was universally enjoyed, “what h▓ave you done with grandpapa’s birthday presen●t You were to do so many things with that mone▓y; and I have not heard you speak of i▓t since my return.” “Because wonderfu?/p>

駆 things have occurred since▓ you left, Fanny,” said another sl●ily.“He is going to accompany Mr.Morison’●s family to Italy and Paris; and bring us suc▓h splendid presents.His fair J●ulia cannot go without him, and he has● promised to join them.” “Wron●g, Miss Ellen, I am not going,” was the ●reply, with rather more brusqueri▓e than usual. “Why, have you quarrell▓ed” “Not exactly.” ●“But she will be offended, Ned; ▓I am sure I should be.” “No, you woul●d not,

Annie, if you knew my reasons.” ▓“What

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are they, Edward, dear Do tel●l me, I am so curious.” “Of▓ course, or you would not be ●a woman!” Against this a●ll his sisters expostulated at once; and


even ●his mother expressed curiosity, adding, tha●t he had talked of this continental tri▓p so long, and with so much glee, it mu●st be a disappointment to give it up. ● “It is; but I do not regret it.” “But y▓ou must have a reason.” “Th●e very best of all reasons; I cannot afford it.●” “Come to me for the need●ful, Edward,” said his father.●“I cannot give you luxuries; but thi●s is for your improvement.” “Thank you▓ most heartily, my dear father, but I am, ra▓ther I was, richer than any of you know.I ea●rned so much for my last engraving.” “And▓ you never told us,” said his mother and sis●ters, reproa

chfully. “I did n▓ot, because it was already appropriated.▓ I wanted exactly that sum to add ●to my grandfather’s gift; and that was wh▓at I worked so hard for.” “To p▓urchase some bridal gift,” said ▓Fanny, archly. “No, Fan, I never mea●n to purchase love.” “But if the lady req▓uires to be so conciliated” ● “Then she is not worth having.” “Of cou●rse not,” rejoined Annie.“But come, Edwa▓rd, you have never kept anything ●from us before.What is this mystery ?/p>

? “Out with it,” laughingly p●ursued E

llen.“Julia Morison will not t▓hank you for preferring anything to ▓accompany

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ing her, I can tell● you; so, as Annie says, what is thi●s mystery” “No mystery at all, girls.You ●will all be disappointed when I tell you; so yo●u had better let it alone.” But beset on all● sides, even by his father and mother, Edwa▓rd told the simple truth, which our re●aders no doubt have already ●guessed.His mon


ey had been applied in rele●asing Willie’s father from prison; resto

ring hi▓s mother to health, by giving her and h▓er children

nourishing food, securin●g a passage fo

r them all to New York, and ▓

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